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In Hospital Services

Clients are allowed to provide their pet with their own personal bedding, food, and other comforts from home during their stay in the hospital.

Separate Canine and Feline Hospitalization Wards

We provide a safe, sanitary, and friendly environment for your pet.

Intensive Care Units

These smaller units are available for our critical and post-surgical patients.  These spaces are located in the treatment area where veterinarians and veterinary technicians are in close proximity for constant observation.  The critical care units also provide controlled heat to support appropriate body temperature.

Oxygen Cage

This enclosed space is within our critical care unit and provides appropriate oxygen, humidity and heat supplementation for our most critical patients.

Intravenous Fluid Administration and Management

Our hospital has several intravenous fluid pumps to regulate fluid and drug administration. Our fluid pumps and kennels are designed to allow for normal and comfortable mobility of your pet while receiving intravenous fluid therapy.

Nursing Care

Our veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary assistants are responsible for providing timely and appropriate nursing care for your sick pet.  This includes routine access to the outdoors for “bathroom breaks”, providing fresh and clean water, housing and bedding, providing an appropriate variety of diets, rehabilitation exercises, scheduled drug administration, and much more.  Each patient’s treatment is tailored specifically to their individual needs in attempt to restore optimal health.